Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fast Food - The Healthy Way

What would you cook if you have little time to spare, especially after a hard day's work and you are too tired to think or prepare the ingredients? Here's one dish I tried last evening, when I had to stay back in the office to finish some last minute assignment and ended up coming home almost an hour late.

With only about 45 minutes left before hubby hit the doorbell, I quickly washed the white rice in the cooker pot, rinsed some mushrooms and carrots, cut and diced them, then threw in the whole lot together, adding in dashi (a ready-made Japanese soup stock) and a little sake, and turned on the rice cooker.

Thirty minutes later, when I was done bathing and changing, hubby came home - a little earlier than expected. "Dinner should be ready in another 15 minutes. Please change and wash up, darling," I said. Sure enough, the rice cooker let out a pleasant melody to notify that dinner's cooked just as he's about done.

Though it's a simple vegetarian meal, hubby happily gobbled up almost three servings. Hmm... either it's tasty or he must've been really hungry!



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