Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back and Cooking Again

Just came back from church retreat last evening, and was it a good getaway! With all the wonderful programmes and sumptuous food every meal, I'd bet my hubby's longing for some simple yet nuitritious home-cooked meal from yours truly.
So this morning, after having our breakfast at the West Coast hawker centre, we walked over to the wet market to do some marketing. Since our fridge is quite empty, we bought assortments of vegetables and meat to fill it up for the next week.
After washing and hanging out the laundry, hubby continued to work on the drawer for the kitchen cabinet, while I busied myself with lunch. Having eaten so much for every meal for the past couple of days, I decided to prepare brown rice porridge with four ingredients: silver fish, fresh huaishan (wild yam), minced meat and Shandong peanuts. Using the pressure cooker, the time to cook is reduced by almost half.

Here's some health tips regarding the use of peanuts in your meal: 1. Peanuts combined with lean pork meat improves the color of your skin and reduces fatigue; 2. With silver fish, it improves calcium absorption and bone growth.
But it's not the kind of peanuts you can eat straight out of the wraps that I'm talking about; those are cooked and either sweetened or salted. You have to get those raw ones, get them soaked and washed, and then cooked together with the other ingredients to reap the benefits I just mentioned.

Side note:
Not long after I was married, I cooked a similar dish except that I used dried chunks of huaishan. I brought some over for my mother-in-law to try. She didn't comment a thing, which I took it to be positive until a couple of days later, while visiting us, she casually remarked that using unbleached huaishan when cooking would be a better choice, and cutting it into smaller pieces would make the porridge tastier. Immediately I got her point!



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