Monday, May 31, 2010

A Feminine Dish

I like flowers, and only fresh flowers. Whenever my hubby buys me flowers, it'll move me to tears. Also, flowers make the house feel more homely, especially coming home from a hard day's work, the sight of fresh flowers in the living room greeting the eyes is always warm and assuring.

As you might have guessed, I've entertained the thought of cooking some dishes with flower-related ingredients, though I was a little apprehensive at first that my hubby might be repulsed by such ideas. Anyway, since he'd given me a free hand at preparing meals for him, with only one request that I should not include any shell or mussel-like stuff in the menu (he seems to have a great dislike for these slimy fellows which I could not understand either), I'd figure it's alright with flowers then. Hehe...

Just to make it more palatable (or bearable for his taste buds), I've chosen fresh lily bulbs, stir-fry with brown mushrooms and garnished with edamame (a kinda green baby soybean that you'll find in Japanese eateries). It's fairly simple to cook, and could have taste better with sake added, which I did not manage to this time round.

My hubby's verdict? "Looks like onion but tastes like Bai-He..." Huh? Hello! Bai-He is the Chinese name for lily, you know or not? Haiz... I anyhow cook, he anyhow eat and don't even know what he's eating... Aiyoh!



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