Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blanched or Stewed?

That's the choice to make while preparing today's meal. For lunch, I've decided to make it simple: blanched spinach (hubby would imitate Popeye's laughter whenever I serve this dish) flavoured with a little sesame oil and soy sauce, boiled rice vermicelli, and pork knuckle bones leftover from the soup stock I made a day earlier.
Hubby's been eyeing the pork knuckles ever since we bought it yesterday, and when this dish was finally served up, you could see the glee in his face as he digged in, foraging every nook and cranny for the last bit of soft bones (cartilage and connecting tissues) and the highly prized bone marrow.
For dinner, I decided to stew chicken legs with mushrooms and chestnuts, flavouring with ginger and anistar, in my pressure cooker. Prior to that, I slightly deep fried the chicken legs to give it more flavour and texture. It took only half an hour with the help of the pressure cooker and the chicken legs were already soft to the bone.
Served with brown rice, and that would be just perfect, right hubby? Well, he's too busy eating to answer that anyway...



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