Monday, June 21, 2010

Of Tuna and Tofu

Bought a nice yellow capsicum yesterday at the NTUC to prepare this tasty and nuitritious breakfast this morning. First, I halved the capsicum and carved out its seeds and inner linings; next, I filled up the halves with Ayam brand tuna, seasoned it with a little black pepper, then overlaid the top with a slice of cheese, and baked it for about 10 minutes. There you have it, something juicy and crunchy to start your day off:

For dinner, I decided to use tofu as the main ingredient, accompanied by white Japanese shimeiji mushrooms and minced pork meat, and garnished with cut spring onions and red chilli to make it more appealing and appetizing:

I asked hubby, "You like this dish? How'd it taste: delicious, or supremely yummy?" "OK. Not supremely yummy," he replied, and paused to observe my slightly disappointed reaction, then quickly added with a chuckle, "but delicious, very delicious!"
Note: I learnt from my mum that minced pork meat is a very versatile ingredient, mainly because the lean meat is sweet and juicy. When steamed, it yields its flavour into whatever sauce it's in, adding a slight brown tone to the gravy. In the past, not many stalls have meat grinders so mum would buy a whole piece of lean meat, washed it clean and then chopped it relentlessly on a chopping board until it's well shredded.
There're a lot of things you can do with minced meat, but I'll not elaborate it here. Just follow my blog and you'll get to see more anyhow ways it can be cooked...



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