Friday, June 25, 2010

DangSheng and DangGui

Erm... the ingredients mentioned in the title may seem foreign to some of you if you're not asian, but not to worry. These are well-known TCM herbs that are sometimes used in making soup or to add some health benefits to an already tasty dish. I prepared pork bone soup with chestnut and fresh wild yam for Wednesday's dinner and added dangsheng to it. This ingredient is considered a poor man's ginseng, and while not as potent, it does help replenish qi, lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and cure appetite loss.

Of course, hubby hardly have poor appetite; sometimes he even grab the biscuit tin after his meal for some snack bites, which kinda irritates me because it gives me the impression that he's not satisfied with the meal I prepared. "It's just that my mouth is itching for something to munch," he'll reason with me. That's my boy!
Tonight, I blanched his favourite broccoli with dried scallop pieces, and quietly added slices of danggui to enhance the flavour (and forgot to add some wolfberries). "Strange, how come the broccoli tastes weird today?" he asked. After telling him what was added to give variety to the taste, I asked what he thought about it. "Um... I can still accept the taste, but I still prefer the original broccoli taste, you know?" he said with a 'give-me-back-my-broccoli-taste' look in his eyes. Ah, well...

Anyway, there was an additional steamed grouper fish (garoupa in Portugese) with fermented black bean paste, so that should somehow appeased him a little, I hope. If you want the recipe, click here.
So was he happy with the dinner meal? If you wanna know, let's say he headed for the biscuit tin on top of the fridge just after finishing his food...



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