Monday, June 28, 2010

Mango and Potato

Don't get it wrong: I'm not mixing mangoes with potatoes. They're two separate dishes actually; just that I'm bemused by the rhythm of these two ingredients which I happened to be preparing for dinner and supper. Dinner is mango duck salad; it's the signature dish of yours truly (well, kind of).
Ingredients are pretty simple: two big mangoes (I prefer the ones from India as they're juicy and sweet), fresh pack of salad vegetables (I bought it from NTUC), pine nuts (I lightly toast them before mixing), Japanese riken non-oil aojiso lemon and herb taste salad dressing (for healthier choice), and of course, de-boned roast duck.

After mixing and tossing, this is the result (does it look appetizing or what?)...
For supper, I made sweet potato soup using just one big yellow sweet potato, a few stalk of pandan leaves, and a special brown rock sugar that has ginger slices inside (a friend from Taiwan gave these to me during one of my overseas business trip).
Hubby's very pleased with both as he has an affinity for sweet things, but I'll make sure he eats only the healthy sweet stuff, and moderate his intake of candies to a minimum, if I can help it.
And I think he's quite happy with that arrangement too...



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