Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clipso Modulo

Don't worry. I'm not talking French or Italian here. This is the name of my first pressure cooker by Tefal (a french company, of course!), an 8 litre stainless steel beauty I bought from Tangs.
Mum didn't use one when I was living with her, and even now she still prefers the conventional way of cooking with just the heavy steel wok and the standard steel or claypot for brewing soup.

But I've heard a lot about the benefits of using a pressure cooker, especially from my elder sister who is an avid cook herself. Besides the time-saving advantage, which is important for working women like me with little time to prepare dinner after coming back from work till hubby returns home, a pressure cooker actually makes cooking much easier with minimum attention and best of all, it retains most of the nutrients to ensure a healthier, tastier meal.

Quite simply put, my philosophy in cooking: Fresh is best!



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