Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Dream Come True

My dad passed away when I was in eighth grade. Mum, who'd been a housewife, had to take up two odd jobs to sustain a family of four growing teens. Naturally, the task of preparing meals were left to my sister, she being the eldest, and myself. That probably was the first time I really tried my hands at cooking.
My interest in cooking, however, began much earlier when I was about nine or ten. On one special occasion, I saw mum making dumplings for dad's workers, and I heard him proudly saying to them, "My wife made these!" I found myself imagining that one day I would be like mum, doing my future hubby proud by being an able wife with culinary skills just like her.
But it was not until years later, when I started working that I dreamt of having my very own kitchen, complete with all the furnishings, that'll enable me to cook whatever my heart fancies. At that time, I was staying with mum, my elder brother and his wife, and my younger brother. The family kitchen was out-of-bound to all except mum, who'd since stopped working as we've all grown up and doing fine with our careers, and reverted back to her home-maker's role.
This dream finally came true when I married my hubby and bought a four-room apartment to start our lives together. It's not as spacious as I'd like it to be, but I'm happy and content that I now have my very own kitchen with all the basic accessories needed to realize my childhood aspiration.



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