Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chicken Feet

Today's the eve of holiday, and just last night, my hubby remarked that his company is giving the staff an hour's early release to go home and have some family time. "In that case, why don't you prepare dinner then?" I suggested. "I don't mind, but I anyhow cook, you anyhow eat, OK?" He sure learned fast.

Frankly, my hubby is no stranger to cooking. In fact, he picked up the skill while he was in the States on a six months overseas training some twenty years ago. Though he hardly cooks at home, he never ceases to surprise or delight me when he's called to the task. I had wanted to write about the first meal I prepared for him in our new home, but tonite's dinner touched me so much I decided I had to blog it.

On my way home from work, I smsed my hubby and told him if he's too tired, we could buy back. He replied that he already bought some stuff to prepare tonite's meal, but chose not to reveal what he's up to. I came home a little earlier than him, and when he stepped into the house, he declared the kitchen out of bound to me. Huh! Since the weather was kinda hot, I opted to take a cold shower while he busied himself in my kitchen.

After freshening up, I came into the dining area and there was this aroma that made my tummy growled with hunger. "I'm almost done. Waiting for you before I cook the noodles," he said. Within minutes, he filled up the bowls with Korean kimchi flavoured noodles and  a little soup stock, then proceeded to lay the nicely boiled baby Chinese pakchoi on one side, and my favourite soy sauced deep fried chicken feet* on the other.

It was certainly a delightful surprise to me, and the portions** were just right for the two of us (hubby has always been pretty good in his sense of estimation) so nothing went to waste. I look forward to the next time when he shall cook for me again. Maybe the next holiday when I shall take a break from cooking? Hmm...

* The more elegant name, as it is known to many Chinese, is "Phoenix's claws".
** There's a plate of pakchoi and eight chicken feet in total, actually.



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