Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pearly Barley and Black Beauty

Last Saturday was quite a hot day, so I decided to make dessert to beat the heat outside. I called this dish Pearly Barley Soup with Beancurd Strips, though it's better known as Fu-Zhu-Bai-Guo Tang (Beancurd strips with Ginkgo Nuts Soup). Actually there's a small "incidence" in the past to this dish but I'll tell you at the end of this post. The last I made this dessert was more than a year ago until I saw this recipe from  Here's the ingredients: Barley, beancurd strips (the soft type suitable for this dish), ginkgo nuts, red dates, and rock sugar.

Today, we had a special dish: Pig's trotters in black vinegar (with old ginger). It wasn't prepared by me, but by one of my hubby's Sunday School students, who brought it to him last evening.

We thought it'll be a good idea to have it with white rice for lunch today. Judging from my hubby's expression, he's simply in seventh heaven now, or was it since last Friday? He finished up two big plates of rice with just this one dish! Now I know the meaning of being blissful when it comes to food...

Here's the story:
Shortly after I was married , I tried makng the pearly barley soup, thinking it's one of the simplest dessert to prepare, and wanting to assure my mother-in-law that I'm quite capable of feeding her son with good and nuitritious food. Unfortunately, the recipe I got at that time didn't specify using the correct type of beancurd strips.  I didn't recall my mum ever make this dessert before.  So I thought I could simply use the only type of beancurd strips that I know - which was meant for cooking not for making dessert, until my mother-in-law remarked after tasting it, "What kind of fu-zhu did you use to make this dessert....there are two types you know?"   Ooops...!  No wonder I had spent a long time boiling my dessert and wondering why it took so long for the beancurd strips to dissolve into smoother strips!  Embarassed......



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