Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hubby and Chocolate

Seems like hubby has taken a greater liking for chocolate ever since he married me, maybe because I almost always orders hot chocolate whenever we frequent Starbucks or Coffee Beans. He has such a love for good food sometimes he'll include them in our casual conversations...
Tonight as he came in from the front door from work, I extended my arms to welcome him, wanting to take his backpack while he removed his shoes. Instead he misinterpreted my gesture and gave me a hug. Nice. "Wah, how come your backpack so heavy? Got gold bars, is it?" I joked. He walked past me and with a nonchalant voice, remarked, "The probability of finding chocolate bars inside my backpack is higher than gold bars..."
Later, over at the dinner table, I read an article to him from a recent copy of The Eagles' VantagePoint magazine on how a man's theology about women may have either good or bad repercussions on his relationships with the women around him, in particular his wife. He listened thoughtfully, and then asked me, "Do you think I'm chauvinistic?" I replied instantly with a grin, "No, you're not!" He heaved a sigh of relief, and then muttered, "I guess I'm more of a chocolanistic guy..." I broke into laughters.
Ps: Are there any good chocolate recipes that my readers can recommend me to pamper my hubby with?



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