Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mangolicious Cod

Hubby's favourite fish is cod. I happened to have one juicy cod steak in the freezer. Hubby loves mango too. I'm looking at one now lying on the kitchen top. Now the question is: are they compatible? Well, you never know unless you try, right?
So, I fired up my computer and search for a mango sauce recipe. Found one here. But I decided to substitute vinegar with leftover lemon slices I had in my fridge. That's just me, always finding ways to clear the clutter in my kitchen just to make sure nothing expires and everything stays fresh. The result? Mmmm... mangolicious!
Cod is much easier. I marinated it with dashi shoyu, salt, some ginger slices (my own concoction; not bad for an anyhow attempt), and then baked it in my new Tefal hot convection oven (yes, you heard it right! hubby finally bought me a personal oven to experiment with new dishes... yeah!).
Added some vermicelli (bee hoon) and a couple of blanched broccoli, and what have you got? A wholesome and delicious dinner meal, of course!
Hubby's rather pleased with the way the cod was baked to near perfection, and the mango sauce certainly enhanced the overall taste. I'm sure he's looking forward to more such dishes, baked or roasted by the new member of the kitchen.



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