Monday, July 26, 2010

Home-Made Goodness

 What has mustard in common with vegetables? Well, not much actually, unless it happens to be msutard greens you're talking about. That's what we had for dinner tonight, since hubby has an affinity for the slightly bitter taste of this veggie, but certainly not me. To compromise so both of us got to enjoy it, I stir fried with chicken stock, some cut garlics, carrot slices, red chilli and anchovies.
Surprisingly, the dish turned out pretty well, as hubby kept helping himself to the gravy with all the natural sweetness infused. "Soft and sweet, very sweet!" was his remark.
And guess what? We had glutinous rice (my mum made and gave it to us last night when we went over for a visit) and hubby's mum's home-made chilli to go with it! It's truly a home-cooked meal with all the home-made goodness. And that's pure happiness...!



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