Sunday, July 25, 2010

PR and BS

No, I'm not talking about permanent residents (PR) or bull-shit (BS) here. Remember the Josephine pineapples I mentioned in my previous post? Well there's still some left over in the fridge so I decided to make Pineapple Rice with them.
The night I made PR, hubby brought home a tub of queer looking fried-curled fish chips and asked me to guess the name. "Looks like ikan bilis to me but it's kinda big..." I told him. He gave me that mischevious smile and said, "The chinese name is mei-ren-yu (mermaid fish). I got it from my company's canteen operator coz his wife cooked this dish today. Just wanna let you try."
Well, it's a little bit spicy but other than that, I like the crispiness. The BS part was the Burdock root Soup to be precise. My sister gave me this recipe. She said it is very good for health especially for people who always sit in front of the computer. It has detox value that purges out the “poison” in our body. I googled and learnt that there are many more benefits from eating burdock root. Since then it has become a regular dish on our dining table.
Burdock root can be easily found at the wet market or supermarket, whilst white and green carrots with leaves are quite a rare find. I learnt that the leaves of white and green carrots actually contain lots of vitamins and so are their skins. So far the only place I can find those carrots that come with leaves are at the wet market near our house. However, it is currently under renovation, so I can only make do with those that don’t come with leaves for the time being. Maybe if you know where I can get them, do let me know. Thanks!
Here's the recipe for this low-caloried soup (and it's no bull-shit, I assure you):
White carrot x 1 (with leaves). Do not peel skin
Green carrot x 1 (with leaves). Do not peel skin
Red carrot x 1
Burdock root 300g (remove skin)
Shitake mushroom x 4
Boiling water 4 bowls



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