Friday, July 30, 2010

From Pulp to Pork

This morning, I prepared a different kind of breakfast. I called it the Leftovers. Let's see... there were four slices of whole grain bread left in the Gardenia bag, one orange which I brought back from my office's fruit day, and okara (soy pulp, remains from making soya milk last week). Now for a little magic: stir fried the okara with two eggs and some onion slices in the non stick pan, sandwich them in the bread slices, and then decorate with a few peels of refreshingly zesty orange slices. There you have it!
Hubby's been looking forward to Friday this week, not that it was the last work day of the week (that TGIF thingie), but because I promised him I'll cook his favourite dish for dinner: sweet and sour pork (or ko-ro-yok for the initiated). I used 257g of pork meat (hubby kinda protested when I trimmed off some of the fats but it's for his good actually), half stalk of crunchy telegraphic cucumber (whatever that is), freshly cut pineapples, onion slices, and most importantly, the sauce (ready-made Lee Kum Kee sweet and sour source). I'd very much wanted to make the sauce myself but for lack of time; oh well, maybe the next time round...
Hubby was all glee when I put the plate in front of him; you could tell how pleased he must've been, judging from his longing gaze on those pork meat cubes. I supposed at that moment he's only got eyes for them and not me. Can't blame him really, afterall I only cooked it twice since we married - last year and this year. Too much of this is certainly not good for him, you know... Haiz!



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