Monday, July 19, 2010

A Raw Deal

Been busy the past week so didn't really have time to update my blog. Last Saturday I went with hubby on a one day trip to Kukup, West Malaysia, for seafood and durian. The tour guide recommended the Josephine pineapple (a cross between the Johor and Sarawak species), so we decided to buy some on our way home at the Jusco supermarket.

The next day, I got hubby to peel the skins and cut into fan-shaped pieces, thinking that I'll make some dishes using pineapple as one of the ingredients. As you can see, hubby really did a good job...

I have an appointment tonight with my church's ladies, so I decided to prepare something easy and raw, well almost - watercress pinapple salad with slices of red and green capsicum.  I got this idea from a Chinese book that talks about certain food combination and the effect it would cause.  It says that the combination of pineapple and watercress actually promote good blood circulation in our body; and the combination of pineapple with prawns may invigorate our gastric and cause vomitting.  Wow...didn't know that before !

So, I boiled the watercress slightly so that it'll be more forgiving on hubby's tummy, and just to be on the safe side, I also made a bowl of hot instant mushroom soup to go along with it.

Hubby's feedback? "Tonight's dinner is OK, except for one thing," he paused and looked at me for a moment, then added, "I know you like crunchy stuff, but next time go easy on the capsicum, alright? My jaws got tired after munching so much of it at one go, you know?" Oh well, I guess he'll not be having capsicum any time sooner for a while. Back to planning my next meal...



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