Monday, July 12, 2010

Garlically Speaking

Hubby has a strange taste for garlic. In the early days, I observed that he'll meticulously pick up every bit of garlic from the vegetable he's eating and arrange them nicely along the edge of his plate. When asked, he replied, "I don't like to eat vegetable with garlic bits coz they always get stuck between the grooves in my teeth. Very irritating! But it's alright if they're very small (finely chopped) since I can't pick them."
So I thought: perhaps if I smash the garlic cloves instead, he'll eat 'em since the chances of getting stuck in his teeth is less likely." Boy, was I wrong!" One evening I prepared cut potato cubes with carrot slices and leeks, then added in smashed garlic, sprinkled parsley, a few bay leaves, and a pinch of butter. When the mixture was cooked, I poured some stock to make it more soupy, thinking hubby would slurp it all up.
Imagine my surprise when he started picking out the smashed garlic pieces! "Darling, what are you doing?" I asked, feeling a little exasperated. "Umm... I don't like chunky garlic one... Well, maybe I can eat a few here and there, but not every one of them." Sometimes, I just couldn't understand his logic...
Fortunately, hubby was rather pleased with the baked fresh water prawns I caught during my company's recent prawning activity at the Hai Bin U Enterprise in Bishan. See how nice the colors of the prawn were after defrosting (just look at the long blue color pincers!)

Yeah, I know it looks kinda messy with all the herbs (thymes, basil leaves, paprika) and squeezed lemon juice, and a little canola oil. But that's just how I experiment and cook - anyhow. And believe me, they tasted fresh and juicy.
Hubby gave the thumbs up, and offered to peel the prawns for me. Huh! He subtly chose all the small prawns for me and kept the big ones for himself!



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