Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Turkish Figs

Maybe you've seen this fruit before.  I came across it during last Sunday's wet market trip.  It's a fig fruit from Turkey as what the fruit seller told me.  I found it rather special as I've never seen such fruit before.  What I normally see is the small light brownish yellow type of fig fruits which people usually use to make dessert or soup.  So I decided to buy it home to try even though it costs me $6 for 4 figs! 
According to the fruit seller, it is only edible when the skin turns dark purple. 

How do you eat it?  By peeling the outer layer skin from the tip of the fruit.

Here you have it, the inner view of the fruit.  It was soft and very easy to eat, sweetness is mild but just enough, unlike the dried figs which tend to be much sweeter.  It's worth trying as it is not a fruit that we get to see that often here.  



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