Friday, October 15, 2010

Baking Mood

If you ask me, I'd prefer cooking over baking (be it cakes or other form of pastries).  Why? Because I don't really like food that is too sweet, buttery or creamy.  But I do indulge in some sinful desserts occasionally.  Hehe.
As for hubby, he's a desset guy (well, almost).  Before we bought the oven, I made a few attempts at baking muffins with the microwave oven; it was a disaster! Fortunately, my elder sister encouraged me to attend baking classes, and so I signed up for one recently at BIY (short for Bake-It-Yourself). Haha, no muffin class available so I opted for something close - profiteroles (a 2-hour lesson). 
Just last Sunday I managed to try it out with the new oven.  Guess what? Tada!

Success!  My youngest niece loved it and ate two of them - a very powerful affirmation for the efforts I put in indeed, and that really made my day!
With renewed zest, I decided to give the muffins a try again, since there were some over-ripe bananas in the kitchen.  The recipe is taken from  I reduced the sugar content as bananas have a much higher sugar level when over-ripe. 
The result?  See for yourself...

"Ah-ha...! Finally, muffins that rise huh...? Not bad." hubby said after one bite.
"The texture could be better," I quibbed, "The ingredients used were mixed by hand. If you want smoother, lighter muffins, get me a mixer, OK?"
"I knew there's a catch somewhere..." hubby just shook his head in resignation.



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