Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Haven't had portobello for some time, so I decided to prepare some for dinner last night. 
The first time I got to know about this breed of mushroom was at the Margaritas restaurant some years back.  Its aroma and jucyness attracted me.  Best of all, it's available at the NTUC supermarket.  Had tried a couple of recipes from the internet; be it toasted with a slice of cheese on top, or with onions and bell peppers, hubby likes them all. 
Last night's attempt, however, was quite disappointing.  Instead of chopping the onions, I actually decided to grind it with my dry mill so as to avoid teary eyes.  As a result, the pungent smell of the onion was too overpowering and didn't taste as good. 
Wonder if anyone knows to chop onions without bringing tears to the eyes?  Someone told me I could fill my mouth with some water while doing it, but I had tried before and it doesn't really help very much. 

Thankfully hubby finished the meal without any complaint. And that's what I really appreciate about him too...



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