Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beauty Food : SP2

In one of my previous post, I mentioned this book about food combination for health which I refer to frequently. It features food ranging from vegetables, meat, seafood, fruits, etc. Besides mentioning the benefits of each type of food, it also states the effects of combining food that will or will not benefit our health, which is what I like about this book. After all, anyhow cook doesn't mean haphazard cooking, you know.
This book is in Mandarin, the title translated is "Achieving good health by eating the right food".  In fact, NTUC is selling the 2nd edition of this book currently. I'll try to share some of the knowledge I learned from this book here.  Since it's a Chinese book, I'll have to put my translation skills or rather, my hubby's, to the test.
For a start, I tried stir frying pumpkin and steamed prawns.  I love the sunny colour of these dishes which whet my appetite.

The book suggests that eating pumpkin and prawns together can help to beautify our skin and reduce fatigue. The vitamin C in pumpkin combines with the protein of prawns to improve formation of collagen, and it helps prevent freckles as well as reduce fatigue.
So go ahead - try SP2 (short for Sunny Prawn and Pumpkin), it's a cheaper and tastier alternative to SK2. Satisfaction guaranteed!      



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