Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nuts 'bout Walnuts?

Not exactly crazy about it but I loved eating walnut muffins or cakes when I was young, especially so if the pastry happened to be sweet, the presence of walnut would help to neutralize it to my taste. I basically dislike things that are either too sweet or too saltish. Fortunately hubby isn't too particular and can live with my preferences when it comes to food.

I bought a soya drink maker some months back and had been using it mainly to make soya milk. Since it also has functions for making peanut and sesame paste, I decided to try making walnut paste.

It is actually quite easy: simply soak the walnut for 2 hours, and soak some uncooked rice grains for 30 mins, boil some water with rock sugar, put all in the machine, and let it do the work. However, the walnut did not seem so well blended after the first round, so I got the machine to go one more round, before it turns out like this: 
I liked the texture. What about hubby? He's all smiles after tasting it.



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