Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Perfect Marriage

Talking about differences in a married life, one of the areas are food preferences. My late father loved porridge while my mother dislikes it, preferring white rice instead. In fact, she influenced me since young that white rice tastes better than porridge, and the only time she cooked porridge was when I had diarrhea. But now that I have my own kitchen, I find myself making porridge quite often. Perhaps I had unconsciously "inherited" the liking from my father.
Actually, there was a period (before I was married) I actually skipped breakfast and left home early to Kovan hawker centre to queue for the teochew porridge there. 
There are many side dishes and snacks that go well with porridge. And the combination of peanuts and ikan bilis (anchovies) is my current favourite. I've learnt that peanuts, eaten together with ikan bilis, has several benefits such as, it enhances the absorption of calcium into our body, improves normal blood clotting, as well as helps our bones to grow.
I've successfully managed to incorporate porridge into my breakfast menu. It's like a wish come true. A bowl of hot porridge in the morning brings a sense of warmth that awakens the stomach at the start of a new day indeed!
More often than not, we find ourselves married to someone who has diverse likings and preferences, etc.  Regardless, it still produces something fragrant and beautiful, just like peanuts and ikan bilis.



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